Testimonials from our customers

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Nicko n Nelly, 26 Feb, wedding in Kempinsky Bali Room
WO, Entertainment, spfx, multimedia screen, wushu, street dance, magic.

Party Purfect benar2 tidak mengecewakan. Satu2 nya vendor yang membuat saya tenang dan percaya dari awal. Kebetulan saya sering memanage banyak hal utk kepentingan banyak orang, sehingga saat melihat cara kerjanya party purfect sedari awal saya tahu bahwa anda dapat diandalkan.

Pelayanan juga baik dan staff2 nya friendly. Maju terus yah

Budi and Lia, 11 June, wedding in Kempinsky grand Ballroom

First of all,thank u so much for all your help during our wedding preparation.Thank God everything went smoothly.however,there is some area that i want to share.Firstly, our family feel that photo list, Family of both sides should take photo first before friends.

We like the snow effect and dry ice effect during wedding dance and feel that more would make it look nicer. However,other than that everything else was great.The time keeping was great and nothing is forgotten or left behind,Thank u once again Party Purrfect. Budi & Lia

Putra and Sherly, 16th Jan 2011 Strawberry Theme Wedding at Ritz Carlton Kuningan Hotel
Dear Party Purrfect,
You guys are the best, my wedding is really beautiful, perfect,unique, extravaganza and memorable ahuhauhaa. I am very sure, most of the guests will remember and talk about it for a long time. Party purrfect, especially mr Eddy can really react fast on my family and I ever changing plans and minimal information. Its really turn out greater and much much better than what I am expected. "Great decor, more than enough foods and memorable and fun entertainments" those are words that my friends use to describe my wedding party and lots of them asking who the wo is, of course I recommended you to them, so wait and see my friends will start calling you,hehehe . Party purrfect is purrfect just like the name, Good at making a purrfect wedding party. Party purrfect is a highly recommended wo and entertainment. The entertainment and the special effects is also very good and unique too, especially the end and sudden touch of throwing the Party Stick Streamers instead of flowers during the throwing flower bouquet session. The party really turn out great, lots and lots of thank to Party purrfect, you are the best... Putra ^^Sherly

Paul and Julia - Wedding Dinner at Shangrila Hotel 28th Nov 2010
Hi Eddy and Wendy, thank you very much for making our wedding seamless and sweat free. Thanks for taking the troucble to arrange & liase with the vendors. You guys and the team really did a great job. We are flying back sin now and will add on more feeedback when we get back to sin. Paul & Julia

Kelvin & Kristina Wedding Dinner at Suncity 28th Nov 2010
Dear Wendy,
Hi, Wendy! Sorry for my late reply. Actually we really need to say thank you to Party Purfect teams. All of you work very professional. I like your confetti during "prosesi masuk . That's looks very glamour and melt with the song that you choose for us.
Our wedding will not that success if we not use Party Purfect as our Wedding Organizer. We will introduce Party Purfect as purfect wedding organizer to all of our friends.
Once again, thanks to Wendy and Eddy.
Regards, Kelvin & Kristina

Jessica and Kenneth Seating Party in Hotel Ciputra 6th Nov 2010
Dear Party Purrfect team,
Thank you so much for all your hard work, help and team work for organizing our wedding. All of you were very dedicated and worked together very well to make our wedding as perfect as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You listened and acted according what we want and what we need. You gave us lots of ideas and suggestions to make our wedding day become more special and unforgettable. Most importantly, I can feel you worked hard and did your BEST as if the wedding is yours. Our overseas guests enjoyed the night very much and they so much entertained by your ballerina and other activities such as quizzes. They amazed to see the way we walked in, most of the guests have never experienced it on other weddings they attended so far. Surely we will recommend you to our friends and relatives. Party Purrfect is not a normal WO, but they born to make couple dream comes true.
Special thanks to Eddie and Wendy. No words can describe how glad we were to have you as our WO.
Warmest regards Jessica and Kenneth

Wedding Reception in MidPlaza Intercontinental Hotel, Stefanus and Odelia 7 Nov 2010
Dear Eddy n Wendy,
thank you so much for your help on our wedding day at intercontinental hotel. we couldn't imagine what would happen if u weren't there on that day. You are definitely the first that come to our mind if we are to recommend WO n entertainment to our friends as you are truly Purrfect. Wish u all the bes...t in future :)
the happy groom and bride,

Wedding Reception in Hotel Le Grandeur, Ellen and Yanto 24 Oct
Wendy, Thank you so much fordoing a very good job for entertainment/mc yesterday. We are so pleased with your effort to make everything work & flow smoothly. Once again Thank you and God Bless

Wedding Reception in Suncity for 100 tables of seating dinner, Budi & Yenty 10 Oct
Dear Party Purrfect, Thank you for the excellent party.
Budi & Yenty

Wedding Reception in JW Marriott Hotel, 3rd Oct 2010
Dear Mr.Eddy, Ms.Wendy and team. Sorry for the late testimonial
Thanks to all party Purrfect crews, we couldn't have done it without your help.. We had a wonderful stressfree wedding, we literally didn't have to worry about anything since every little things was taken care of d(^.^)b. Thanks to Mr.Eddy and Ms.Wendy for the short yet effective dance lesson, now we know how to dance (yippe!!) Both of us and the families are very satisfied with your service Mr.Eddy & Ms.Wendy, thanks again... We wish you more and more success ahead (^.^)b We will definitely recommend you to our friends.
Dany and Yanty .
Cross Cultural Marriage, Cedric from France and Catherine from Indonesia, 24th October 2010
Hi Wendy, Eddy and those who helped us on our special day, thanks a lot for everything!!
We sucked.during the dance, should have moved slowly during the dance, LOL. But were very HAPPY to see all the friends joining the dance with us, this was really really niiiice!
And we're very happy with the confetti too!
Yes, we are satisfied with your services and Thanks a lot for everything, and we wish you all the best for your future events! :)
Kindest regards from Hamburg!
Catherine and Cedric

Wedding in Balai Samudera 24 July 2010, Andrea & Widya
Hi Eddy and Wendy,
We would like to thank you for your effort and what you and your team have done for our wedding.
You and your team was amazing and friendly and very helpful and FUN. my wedding couldn't be that well organised without your team. you were really detailed, all the vendor who knows you said he is good, he is really well detailed. The entertainment were amazing. my family love the mc and wendy's singing were great. most of my friends love the dance and it was really something different. Thanks Eddy, Wendy, Evelin, Wenny and other Party Purrfect's team!! I will definitely recommend to my
friends and relatives. Thank you,
Andrey and Widya

Pemberkatan in Bogor 7 Aug and Wedding Reception in Suncity 8 Aug 2010
Dear Eddy, Wendy and the rest of PP team,

Thank you again for making our wedding so magical. Unlike initial negative comments from our friends, we actually really enjoyed our wedding. The wedding went so smooth, we cannot complain about anything.
The very first thing that made I and Seren sure about choosing the right WO was your planning and budgeting process. You could really get us the best value out of our budget. WO team performance on D day was unbelievably helpful, I and Seren could basically just turn up and you guys handle and prepare everything. And who on earth can teach us how to dance in 15 minutes if it’s not Eddy and Wendy.
Seren has always dreamed about dancing on her wedding day since she could ever remember, you made it possible for us.
We love the surprise gift from Seren’s brother who couldn’t come to the wedding, thank you for making it happen. It was really the best day of our life. We love your special effects, we love your hands on WO teams. And Wendy, you were an excellent multilingual MC.
We would really recommend Party Purrfect to all couples that wants to enjoy their wedding day, worry free D day execution and more value out of their budget. We are glad that we picked Party Purrfect.
Best regards,
Jairus and Serenita

Soegeng and Okta 17 July Menara Peninsula Hotel,  
Spectacular Team
Dear Eddy, Wendy and Team, Party Purrfect- Our Wedding Organizer, Multi-lingual MC, Entertainment, Special Effects, Projector and ballroom dance performances We are very happy and satisfied with you and your team in managing and performance in organizing in my big day and we would like to express our gratitude for your all spectacular performance and great job to make our wedding happen become most amazing party we ever had. Certainly will recommend to all our families and friends to using your service if in that case they have held wedding party. Thanks again for your all great performance and wonderful job. Thanks for everything Warmest regards, Soegeng & Okta

Emmanuel & Alexis, 27 June S'porean & Indonesian wedding- Crown Plaza Hotel S'pore
Wedding Organizer, MC, Entertainment, Special Effects, dance choreography and ballroom dance performance by Party Purrfect Team. Dear Mr Eddy & Ms Wendy, thank you so much for everything, really appreciate it. GBU.
Taufiq n Renita, 30th May in Balai Samudera
WO, MC, Special Effects & Multimedia Screens. Dear Party Purrfect,
Thank you for your service on our wedding day (May 30th 2010). It was a great day thanks to you and will be an excellent start for our new life as a family. Party Perfect (you should change your name to this, because that's what you do actually, hehehe...) really did their job, which is not to let the bride and groom and all the family members, to worry AT ALL. The WO will worry for us, hehehe.. The quality of the services are very nice:
1. The special effects were amazing
2. We had a very good dance tutor (Mr Eddy and Ms Wendy) that can teach us how to dance in like only 20 minutes.
3. The WO they have a very big heart and patience to handle a large crowd (guests and family) that sometimes can be very 'cruel' (hehehe..)
We're very satisfied with Party Purrfect, and we will be a happy family because we had a great start thanks to Party Purrfect. Party Purrfect is excellent (this word also comes from our parents). So thank you very much..
You know what, all of our friends are extremely surprised because we have no "worry face" 3 days before D day and on the D day. Because we know we're ready and we have all the preparations that were done and we knew all things that were there or weren't, and we know that you guys will handle everything on the D day. So what else we need to worry. That's what our friends from the 'high level' WO told us, the difference between you guys and the other WOs. That Party purrfect won't let us worry about ANYTHING on the D day, and you guys proved it. So thanks guys, really.
Sorry for my English, if we wrote something and you guys get it the wrong way, but FYI, we will write the truth about the quality of Party Purrfect.
Warm regards,
Taufiq and Renita

Abie n Yenny, 7th March in Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta 
Hi Mr Eddy n MsWendy, sorry for the late comment....

Party Purrfect - Our Full Service WO, Mulitlingual MC, Mini Chamber, Multimedia plasma and screen, Ballroom dancers, Paga Ayu, Genset, stage lighting, Aircon, Misty Fan

We just came back from our honeymoon.... Pertama-tama kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Mr. Eddy & Ms.Wendy beserta seluruh kru party purfect yang selama ini telah membantu kami dari mulai awal persiapan hingga terwujudnya pernikahan yang berjalan dengan lancar dan tak terlupakan. Untuk entertaiment dan special effectnya ok bangat, especially dance performance of Mr. Eddy and Ms. Wendy bagus bangat.... two tumbs for them... overall kita puas dengan hasil kerja party purfect... sukses selalu... thanks....

Steve and Rita 20th March in Singapore at St.Joseph Church and St. Regis Hotel
Dear Wendy and Eddy,
Thank you for your kind wishes.
Overall you have done a good job, some guests commented on the versatility of Wendy and Eddy.
I like Wendy's voice, during the singing and MC-ing.
We appreciate Eddy inviting Aina and Janti Rusli to dance and led them dance with drop.
Unfortunately some moments of your dance performances were not captured by the live-feed camera.
Despite the hiccups by the hotel tech, we appreciate your work.
Regards, Rita Ong n Steve

Chang and Ira 7th Feb at Red Top Hotel
Dear Eddy,

Sorry for the late reply. We just came back for working today.Thank you for you and all PP team(floor manager Karen). Over all we satisfied with your work though slight miscom on the spfx. Btw, in this and next year some of my friends will get married. I will recommend PP to them. Thanks a ton to you and PP team…


Kurnadi and Astrid 30th Jan2010 at Dhanapala
Dear Eddy and Team,
Thanks for helping us. The wedding ceremony has run smoothly from the beginning until the end :)
The ceremony was great and satisfying.
Our relatives were very happy on the wedding and they said the ceremony was awesome and run smoothly (it gave them many prizes too).
It was unforgettable and the sweetest moment we've ever had. Thanks again to Party Purrfect who has made our wedding perfect :-)
We're satisfied with the performances. We will recommend Party Purrfect who has contributed to the success of our wedding :)Thanks and Regards, Astrid and Kurnadi.

Anton and Yuli  25th October at Balai Samudera
Hi Eddy n Wendy, sorry for the late comment....
We just came back from our honeymoon.
We really satisfied with the way Party Purrfect worked at our wedding. They really professional, experienced and really know how to do their job very well especially Mr.Eddy. He very detailed about everything. At first we find it very amusing but on the Wedding day we glad that he did that..
He really can handle everything on your wedding day. Really you don't have to worry about anything..
Just tell him what you want and everything will be done perfectly... Party Purrfect Really Worth Their Price. Oh one other thing We really like their effects, its very beautiful. Our wedding Day became more and more perfect because of it.
Ah One more thing..Eddy and Wendy Salsa Dance...Really you should get it... We Are not that lucky to have them perform on our wedding day...But we saw they perform once..WOW!!!...They really good.....I Think everyone should have it.... At the end, i would like to say thank you so much to party purrfect for making our wedding day unforgettable memories in our life.....Thanks to Mr.Eddy for being our mandarin MC and for the extra handbouquet....It's very beautiful....Overall we very satisfied with party purrfect team do their job.....We'll definitely recommend party purrfect to our friends....

Deddy and Fifi Wedding in Citywalk, 16 Jan 2010
Wendy, thanks for everything..... your next customer maybe eka, my best friend

Ardi and Citra Wedding in Bogor(Puri Begawan), 3rd Jan 2010
Sorry for the late reply. After the wedding at Bogor finished we went to Jogja to have another party for celebrating our wedding. Our holiday in Indo was quite hectic but thank God everything went so smooth. Also thank you to all of you the Party Purrfect crews.. because of you guys we had a great and wonderful wedding reception ^^
Here's some feedback from us:
Thanks to Eddy and all the crews from Party Purrfect..! We received a lot of compliments from the guests. The flow of the acara from the beginning till the end were very entertaining! Everyone was very happy on the day. Especially for us the groom and the bride, we don't have to worry about anything on the day because the crews from Party Purrfect did everything for us. They are very friendly and guided us in every single thing we need to do to get a perfect wedding party! They are also very communicative so that we can have the party that we have dream of. We love the special effects especially the rose petals, heart shaped confetti and also balloon droops! We also can't believe when Eddy went to the dance floor and helped the guests to enjoy the dance hehehe... He would do anything the make our party become a perfect weeding party! it was very memorable!
Of course, there is some minor area that could be improved such as having more chairs in the ballroom for the guests, to make it better. But overall, we are really grateful to have Party Purrfect as our WO. Without all of you, our wedding reception won't be as successful as we had..!!
~Ardi & Citra

Asnawi and Melita (6 Dec, 2009)
As Perfect As Its Name
We met Eddy n Wendy at Jakarta Wed Expo Jul 2009, their booth was our first stop..we planned to do WO shopping..however, the way they represent the package offered, the slideshow of samples of entertainment performed, really shows their profesionalism.. and (without the WO shopping) we finally trusted them to manage our table sitting dinner.. Today, we really thank Eddy, Wendy, and team to put their profesionalism from slideshow into act..they showed persistence in giving the high quality WO service from planning the time schedule (for morning n afternoon event), handling a "hard" vendor at technical meeting until managing the place, timing, and people at the D day so the event can run smoothly and be beautifully wrapped. Many thanks, Merci, Xie Xie, Arigato Party Purrfect Team!! We wish you more and more success ahead..^_^

Ronald dan Linda
22nd November 2009 wedding reception at Balai Samudera
Xie Xie Ni Ms Wendy and Mr Eddy. The Mandarin MC Ms Wendy and MC assistant is very good, the program is very well planned and nicely arranged, WO team, special effects, screens is very good too. The family, VVIP and guests are very happy and commented that the wedding is very well managed. Btw, we have recommended you to our friends and families and given out your namecards to our friends and families too. Thank you very much. We wish you success!
Ibu Ellies (Mama Linda), Ronald dan Linda.

Handoko, Monica
7 November 2009 wedding reception
Dear Party Purrfect,
So sorry for the late comment.
We were very satisfied with your service. The teams were very helpful and pay attentions on details. Ms Wendy’s voice is very beautiful. Our party became perfect because of party purrfect J.
Party Purrfect = highly recommended!!!!
Handoko dan Monica
7 Nov 2009

Steven n Stefany
25 October 2009 wedding reception at Sultan Hotel, Golden Ballroom
Hi Wendy, We are very very happy and thanks for making our wedding so memorable...... its really nice to work with u... keep in touch y....
I'll sms u my contact number soon when i reached sg.. Need to catch up sometimes... Hope to see u soon ...^^
-steven n stefany-

Yudhi ; Mei San
25 October 2009 wedding reception at JW Mariott Jakarta
Hi Eddy!! Hi Wendy!! First we and our parents would like to thank both of you, Eddy and Wendy, and also to all team involved on our special day...Thanks for your extra hard work on our wedding day.
We’re doing fine here…Newlyweds…. Feel Happy and free…^^. Btw, Have you seen my wed photos through Facebook my friends uploaded??
Our parents both quite satisfied …all considerations counts…though there were areas that can be improved(two thumbs up for PP^^v). I think it was a good decision to add more PP crew to help on the day….and everything well done with extra good cooperation between crews and family committee…
Wedding dance ON the stage is not comfortable, Eddy….hahaha….very little space!!! feels awkward doing the movessss…..and everyone staring at us XD. But it’s good that you invited our parents to join in the dance…..Nice moments captured……^^v. Yudhi & Mei San

Petrus and Yuli
25 September 2009 wedding reception at Aryaduta Hotel, Lippo karawaci
We really want to thank Party Purrfect for managing a wonderful reception for us. Your WO team, especially Karen (floor Manager) and Eveline, was so helpful. The MC, singer & musicians were very good too. I was nervous initially before the procession as I was worried I would forget the lyrics to the procession song that I was singing but the musicians helped me during my song in the procession. The confetti and special effects were beautiful. We are very satisfied with your service Mr Eddy & Ms Wendy, thanks again. All the very best to you!
David Chia and Henny
18 October 2009 wedding reception at Midplaza Intercontinental Hotel

Dear Eddy and Wendy, everything is all purrfect like Party Purrfect. Merci Beaucoup en France (Thank You Loads) for all r great services. David & Henny, do not forget to upload our wedding in r FB. txs.

Denny dan Cheryl
26 September 2009 wedding reception at Hotel Mulia

Dear Mr Eddy and Ms Wendy, the WO team performance is very good and thank you very much. Initially, we were not so confident but you have proved us wrong. We were glad that you have helped to managed the event and control the food well.
The WO team did a very good job.
Denny and Cheryl.

David  and Theodora (Indonesians working in Singapore)
3 October 2009 wedding reception at Mercure Ancol Jkt
Apologized for any delays. We were overseas weeks ago and was extremely busy with meetings when we return to office.
Basically, we are very satisfied on what you guys had done. Of course, there are few minor things that can be further improved. Overall, you guys did a great job and we will definitely recommend Party Purrfect.
Thanks from David Ayudha Halim

Ben (Switzerland) and Adele (Singapore) at Fullerton Hotel Singapore
5 Sept 2009, Cocktail and Reception (Roof terrace & Ballroom)
It had been a great and wonderful time. It was great to have you guys around to assist us on a special occassion like this. Thanks for sharing the stress and thanks for such great help. Very Professional service indeed.

Robbet Lim dan Sherly
2nd August 2009 at Balai Sudirman
Dear Mr Eddy ; Ms Wendy                   
Pertama2, saya ingin mengucapkan banyak2 terima kasih buat team party purrfect yang telah membantu saya dalam acara married saya tgl 2 agustus 2009, baik dalam hal WO (dari pagi sampai dengan malam) dan untuk entertain nya.. berikut detailnya :
1. dari persiapan, sekitar 2 bulan sebelum hari H, semuanya sangat amat detail, bahkan pertama kali di email mengenai form untuk kelengkapan, data diri, semuanya amat sangat detail, hal ini sangat berguna banget pada saat saya briefing keluarga saya mengenai rundown acara.
semua vendor sudah ditangani dengan baik, bahkan beberapa hari sebelum hari H, semua PIC sudah ditelpon untuk diingatkan. saya sangat puas banget..
2. saya diberi masukkan yang amat sangat berarti mengenai vendor dekorasi, sehingga saya bisa mencari yang baru dan pada saat hari H dekorasi sangat indah dan bagus. thanks a lot buat info nya..
3. WO sangat membantu sekali, dan banyak mengambil keputusan2 penting di hari H, saya amat puas dengan keputusan yang mereka buat, dan WO sangat membantu baik untuk hal yang amat kecil, seperti pegangan hand bouquet yang licin, sepatu pengantin wanita yang selalu tersangkut gaunnya.. semuanya dibantu sampai selesai. bahkan diajarkan untuk dance..
4. untuk entertainment, suara wendy sangat amat bagus, apalagi pada saat menyanyikan close to u pada saat awal masuk.. what a wonderful voice..
5. Suara MC nya jelas dan membuat suasana menjadi lebih cair dan tidak tegang.. thanks
6. untuk pemilihan confetty, semuanya diatur oleh party purrfect, dan saya amat puas dengan hasilnya.
7. banyak banget yang WO kasih masukkan untuk acara sehingga acara berjalan dengan sukses, thanks a lot.. kesimpulannya, untuk semua hal yang Party Purrfect lakukan, saya amat puas, dan jika ada teman saya yang ingin memakai WO dan entertainment, pasti akan saya rekomendasikan untuk memakai Party Purrfect..

henokh kiki
(Aug 26, 2009)

Thank you party purrfect
As planned by the doctor, Kiki will deliver on October 2009. Please put it on your prayer so everything will be alright :). Anyway as my promise, please find my comment on your service last year. " We have married almost 1 year ago but will not forget on how Party Purfect helps us to arrange the wedding. They help us from A to Z, from the beginning to plan the wedding till the end of wedding hour on the D day, from to fill up the powerful form plan that they provide till guide us about how to dance in front of the audience. Most of all, they are very commit, provide us with their discretionary effort and willing to give us a bonus :). We will felt trouble if there is no guidance from them. Thank you Party Purrfect."

Laila n Wilzar
(Aug 02, 2009 at Balai Sudirman)

Thank you Party Purrfect
hi Wendy & Eddy, how are you doing? Yes, We are very very satisfied with the digital sound system and entertainment team from Party Purrfect, its great. Will sure recommend to our friends. Keep it up.

1:00am on August 14th, 2009
Married on 7th june 2009, would like to say thank you to Party Purrfect because of  their help in our wedding... Mr.Eddy always give the best solution to assist in any situations faced... and Ms.Wendy.... yippie... her voice is very nice.... ( you must join Indonesian idol i think... - heheh) thank you Party Purrfect....

Awie n Mellin
(Apr 30, 2009)

Awie & me were very satisfied with your service. You & your team were so helpful to us, especially our wo personal assistant, evelyn. Special thanks from us to her too. Special thanks also to Karen for her details and scepticism. Thanks Wendy, most of my guests were so admire with her beautiful voice and all other PP team members in the WO, entertainment & special effects and also to you Eddy. Thanks so much...Great job!! We can`t imagine without you and your team. Overall, we want to say two thumbs up for Party Purrfect... many thanks to make our wedding party become unforgettable moment in our life. Awie & Mellin

Monik n Adit
(May 01, 2009 at Manhattan Hotel)

Review Party Purrfect
well, berhubung monik ngambil paket yang borongan jadi dapetnya WO untuk acara, MC dan entertainment. Dari segi harga sih kompetitif, dan pada hari H juga, kerjanya bagus.. Mr. Edi banyak memberikan masukan yang amat sangat membantu sekali. dan kerjanya juga profesional. Kekurangannya, well, berhubung ini cabang dari Singapore/ Malaysia

Sando n Sisca

(Jan 17, 2009 Mahakam Hotel)
Thank you so much for your help
Dear Party Purrfect Team and especially Eddy and Wendy, Thank you so much for your help, advise and patience with us. We really appreciate everything that you have done. Many of our friends said that the wedding party was simple but fun and memorable =) That was we wanted for our wedding ;) For Wendy, we really appreciate that you could sing at our wedding. The entertainment was wonderful. Despite of our little incidents before;), we love the grand piano, the songs and the singers =)...Thank you... Mr. Eddy, thank you for your patience with us. We were actually clueless about wedding. Also, your ideas and suggestion were highly appreciated. Once again, thank you.... Regards, Sando and Sisca

Kasmin dan Suimi
(Jun 04, 2009 at Novotel Jakarta)

Thanks to Party Purrfect
Kasmin & Suimi 28th Mar 2009 di Novotel Kita puas banget lho sama cara kalian mulai dari follow up sampai sesudah acara pun. Semua yang kita inginkan bisa terwujud pada hari H dengan bantuan dan pimpinan team WO. Sangat perhatian pada mempelai, membuat kita merasa lebih tenang. Selesai acara ada barang yang gak balik ke kita pun, kalian tetap bertanggung jawab. Janji tidak hanya janji saja. Thank you Party Purrfect

Jack Kim Sung Hoon n Dahye Baek
(Jun 24, 2009)

Party Purrfect Absolutely Amazing
Our semi indoor/outdoor wedding including pemberkatan, international reception & Korean traditional ceremony in 1 day. They are absolutely amazing, no wonder why theycall you the best. Complete from first to finish and cant imagine my wedding without you guys. We took a full WO package from Party Purrfect with WO, entertainment, confetti & effects, helium balloon, sound system, genset, Aircon, misting fan and stage lighting for Thanks and keep improving

Victor Amanda
(7 Mar 09, 2009 at Balai Samudera)

We booked Party Purrfect for the Glamourous WO package (WO full day, chamber music, 3 language MC, Special effects, LCD screen package and dance performances) in Balai Samudera for 7 March. We`re so happy with ur performance, without u the wedding party won`t run this smooth. Thank you very very much.

Willy n Yuli
(Mar 04, 2009 at Suncity)

Our table seating dinner at sun city
Dear Eddy, Wendy & Team, we think our party is perfect. Thank you very much. You and your crew have been very helpful in the preparation and execution. The most important is the many efforts put in, making our families as comfortable as possible during the wedding session.

martin and erny
(Apr 18, 2007 at Hotel Ciputra)

My WO is the best
Pernikahan itu adalah seumur hidup sekali,and akhirnya saya bersama suami menginginkan pesta pernikahan yg tak dpt di lupakan ,sebelum nya saya sudah mendapatkan Wo yang di tunjuk oleh hotel tempat resepsi,tp saya kurang cocok .Akhirnya saya bertemu dg Ms.wendy and Mr.Edy, dan saya lgs merasa cocok krn party purrfect sangat tahu apa yg kami inginkan . Dan akhirnya pd acara puncak resepsi,kami sangat bahagia dan senang sekali ,dan banyak tamu yang mengatakan kalo acara kami sangat sukses,saya berterima kasih sekali dengan party purrfet yang telah membuat acara menjadi tak terlupakan.Thanks Ms.wendy & Mr.Edy.

Vict and Fel
(Nov 21, 2007 at Red Top Hotel)

My right choice. Party Purrfect
Dear Eddy, Wendy & the wo team. Thank you very very much. Dont know what would happen without you as our WO. Love the beautiful voice of wendy.... my parents are very impressed with her voice, the mandarin song is very well sang. Also, thanks for the beautiful dance performance and the effects use in our wedding dance. Wishing you great success. GBU. Love Vic & Fel

Leonardo n Erly (Indonesians working in Singapore and getting married in Jakarta) I
(Jun 25, 2009)
Thank you Party Purrfect
Dear Party Puurfect Team, Thank you very much for helping to make our wedding celebration on 6th June 2009 a great success. The acara will not be perfect and run smoothly without your help. The team has been worked professionally and very detail. Special thanks to Ko Eddy, Ci Wendy, who have willing to meet us in Singapore to discuss about rundown acara, and give us a lot of input and advice. Two thumbs up for Party Purrfect, all the best for you. Best Regards, Leo & Erly

Remy and Melinda

(Nov 07, 2007 at 4 Seasons Hotel, Singapore)
Lupa..hehe... thanks very very much
We were really glad to be recommended to Party Purrfect Wendy & Eddy. They are first class in every aspect. They travel down to singapore(even before we confirm them as our WO) to meet up with myself and my wife to be and parents who happen to drop by from australia. We were so happy with the arrangements that they have made for us in our Australia wedding and engage them again during our wedding lunch reception in Singapore 4 Season. Just want to expressed our deepest gratitude for the surprise wedding slideshow, the special effects and all the preparartion, coordination of everything to make our wedding a very memorable. They are definitely not the cheapest, but the best quality and value. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a stress free and perfect party/wedding. Cheers and GBU

Teddy Soegiharto
(Mar 06, 2009)
Kita pasangan yang baru aja melansungan acar pd tgl 25 kemarin, overall we`re very satisfied with the pp team. Mereka on time dan professional di bidangya, they also help us a lot during the preparation to our wedding plan. Sebagai pasangan baru waktu itu banyak yang kita gak tau harus bagaimana2, tapi wo team pp udah ngebantuain kita dan mamberi banyak input sehingga pesta yang dilaksanakan bisa jadi bagus, n making that nite very unforgettable for us, n Wendy, when u sang "valentine" i thought i heard the real singer come to our wedding n sing for us u`ve very beautiful voice, thanks a lot. For mr Eddy n all the crew, thank u so much

Yansen Veronica
(Mar 16, 2009)

Thanks Party Purrfect
Kita adlh pasangan yg udah married tgl 20 di Caspia. WO kita hire adlh PP. Dan kita sangat paus dgn segala yg telah mrk persiapkan dan lakukan buat kita hingga akhirnya wedding kita berjalan dgn sangat baik semuanya. Pas Hari H, PP berkali-kali mengambil keputusan dan tindakan yg bener2 membuat kita tenang sepanjang hari. Tapi rupanya pas hari h tukang kue nya datang dgn pisau dapur yg kechil dan kue utk suapan penuh dgn krim, PPyg udah standby di venue sejak jam 2 langsung menelpon kita yg pada saat itu lagi retouch di sophia. Kita panik banget tapi dgn tenang Eddy(bos PP) memberikan solusi dan mengatasi semua nya dgn baik. Tukang kue diminita mencari pisau yg lebih besar dan mengganti kue nya dgn lapis surabaya. PP juga menambahkan satu org crew khusus untuk jagain kue, tanpa extra charge kita. Perlu kita tambahkan, PP adlh WO yg sangat super duper detail dgn semua pekerjaan dan tanggung jawab mrk. Sampai hal terkechil seperti tidak penting, tapi supir yg sempat diberikan makanan oleh PP sempat mengucapakan terimakasih kepada kita pas kita masuk mobil setelah selesai misa di gereja. dalam hati, kita juga udah lupa ma si supir yg belum makan siang. PP juga memeriksa dekor dgn baik. Semua yg kita instruksikan tentang dekor kita mrk periksa dgn baik, mulai dari warna kain di dinding, di ceiling....Mrk juga nyiapin semua hadiah untuk lempar bunga, dan hadiah2 lain nya. Acara juga berlangsung dgn baik. Special effect nya ok banget dan sangat berkesan buat kita dan juga para tamu yg hadir. Kita sharing semua itu diatas karna kita ingin sekali berterima kasih ke PP yg telah membuat pesta yg sekali seumur hidup ini menjadi begitu sempurna.

Riyane Wijaya
26492 Posted : 1/18/2007 11:27:00 AM

I decided to use party purfect as my entertainment n confetti.
And i didn`t regret my choice, they were professional in everything they do. They provided my wedding with quality singer Miss Wendy from Singapore.She made my wedding look classy n timeless ,
n she welcomed the guests who wanted to sang with her.
And as for the confetti, they made my wedding more cheerfull n extravagant, so i would recomended party purfect to be on your wedding.Thanks Mr Eddy N Miss Wendy, and all the party purrfect crew..Allan & Riyane

Liong fransiska and Hadi
35247 Posted : 9/27/2007 11:01:48 AM

Hi, aku mau sharing-sharing nie.. aku baru meried tgl 15 sept 07 kemaren..untuk special effect, Mc, Wo, Ballroom dance dari party purrfect semua.. soalnya bulan maret 07, kakakku juga pake mereka. pihak keluarga & tamu2 semuanya puas dengan hasil kerja mereka.soalnya mereka perhatiin detail buangetttt..
makanya aku mutusin pake mereka lagi untuk weddingku. dan hasilnya memang luar biasa!!!aku bener2 puas dengan service mereka dr sebelum acara, khususnya WO. mereka bantu aku seleksi vendor2 dr kartu undangan, dekorasi, handbouquet,dll. apalagi mereka punya relasi yg baik dengan vendor2 itu, jd aku dapet discount khusus.. (seneng dech..) pas pada hari H nya, aku surprise.. paket yg aku ambil exclude Screen LCD, tp mereka sediain buat aku loch..tanpa bilang2 sama aku. untuk konsep acaranya pun mereka TOP, special effectnya apa lagi, meriahhhhh bbbuaangggettt. Balroom dance nya di tariin sama Edy&Wendy nya far aku bener2 puas dengan kerja mereka.
To. Party Purrfect
Gut work guys.. tq for maked my dream is come true!!!
Siska & Hadi

41349 Posted : 1/30/2008 11:02:46 PM

I would like to use this opportunity to thank our entertainment and WO; Party Purrfect. Mr Eddy and the gank...thank u for your hard works especially during hari H. You made our wedding day even better! Thank u for the bonuses for the mingling and the game yah =D. I also would like to thank MC David, whom made our reception lively `til the end. We wish party purrfect good luck and keep up the good work!

Yurandi and Dwi
34611 Posted : 1/14/2008 8:35:35 AM
Kami mengucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada Party Purrfect Team atas pernikahan kami yang telah berjalan dan banyak dibantu oleh Party Purrfect (Mr. Edy & Ms. Wendy).
Meskipun kami tidak mengambil paket WO tapi mereka sangat membantu kami dan sudah seperti WO kami mulai dari technical meeting sampai pas acara.
Thanks buat bonus bubble saat pemotongan kue, kami tidak menyangka dan surprise.
Ballroom Dance yang ditampilkan Mr. Edy & MS. Wendy sangat bagus sekali sampai semua tamu menonton. keren
Untuk MC kami memakai Rudy dari Party Purrfect, suara ok dan nyanyinya bagus sekali.
Sekali lagi terimakasih banyak Party Purrfect Team. maju terus.
Yurandi - Dwi.

Maryanto n Indri
(Mar 04, 2009)

Terima Kasih Team PP
Saya mewakili keluarga besar maryanto & Indri mengucapkan terima kasih buat kerja keras team pp di hari D day. Mohon maaf apabila ada kesalahan ucap dan tindakan. kiki.

Andry Harmony
(Feb 23, 2009)

To Party Purrfect
We have seen your special effect IT`S EXCELLENT. Nice to know you, hope we can work together in the future. Thanks for supporting us in JCC

JJ Erin
(Nov 06, 2008)

Xie Xie
Dear ko Eddy, Thank you Party Purrfect for your professional handling of our table seating wedding party at Sands. Great Job. Xie Xie ni.

Marvin Michaelyn
(Jun 20, 2008)

Terima Kasih Party Purrfect
Thanks. Great job, very happy with WO, floor manager Karen and team,mini chamber entertainment and all the effects and screens. Well Done. Keep in touch. ciao

Narto dan Istri
(Jan 22, 2008)

Terima Kasih Party Purrfect
Wedding di Mercure Ancol. Really have to thank you Mr Eddy, he assist us to shift our location from outdoor to indoor 2 days before wedding, because raining heavily few days before our wedding. Have to redo all the acara and coordination with the vendors. Fantastic job done. We are a little stress up initially but we are confident of the professionalism of our WO. They did a fantastic job to provide backup plan for our church ceremony, facing the seaview in the outdoor location. Many programs were inserted to spice up our party too, teaching us and our parents the wedding dance, plan the interesting games, sponsor prizes and making sure everything runs well. We all love the voice of Ms Wendy and the effects too. Would not know what would have happen without them. 2 thumbs up to Party Purrfect.

Mr and Mrs Samuel
(Jan 10, 2008)

Many Many Thanks
Hello Part Purrfect Team, Thanks a lot for your support on our big day in Hotel Hilton Singapore. Thanks for all the effects, multmedia screens, dance performances and the wonderful program you guys have come out with. Especially thanks to Wendy, for the wonderful voices and helping us to MC in 2 languages. Really appreciate it. Has been real busy and did not have time to drop you a note. Get a little confused to access the website initially. Luv Samuel & family

Lin and Su
(Nov 30, 2007)

many thanks to party purrfect
Thanks a lot for the hardwork of party purrfect WO team. Love the entertainment as well, thanks for helping us add on the contrabass on last minute request. Will send you our photo once the effects is captured on the photo. Lovely coordination. higly recommended and 2 thumbs up

Yos and Lily
(Nov 13, 2007)

fantastic wo service
thanks party purrfect for the good work in our wedding at Balai Kartini 11/11/07. Very very good recommendation of vendors to us and all the preparation is good. Thank you eddy and wendy coming all the way to depot for our morning acara.... its so nice no additional charge even when it is so far from jakarta. We are very happy with the team and the floor manager Karen. They did the best possible even when the morning acara left the venue only at 3pm. Impressed with your efficiency..did not expect 3000+ ppl to be around and am impressed with the handling of the food and crowd. We took the WO hari H, mini chamber, multimedia lcd projector and plasma, special effects. thank you very much and will sure recommend to our friends. GBU ciao!

Joe dan Kat
(Nov 10, 2007)
terima kasih party purrfect
Party Purrfect ok banget. Saya booked package utk wo hari h, mini chamber dan confetti, pyro, bubble. Very pleased with their performance, we knew they were the right wo for us the moment we met them at Plz Indo. They suggest lots of ideas and things to consider for various other vendors. Wendy dan Mr Eddy is very very professional. Only the language not too good. We are lucky to have them to make our wedding a lot more relax for us to enjoy. We recommend them to everyone we know. Thanks again party purrfect. GBU.

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